The Civil War in Helena

The Civil War Exhibit at The Helena Museum focuses on three different areas

1. The Battle of Helena

2. The Seven Generals of Helena

3. The Phillips Guards Battle Flag

Women’s Library Association

The Women’s Library Association was founded in 1888 as a means to have a proper library in the city of Helena. This group went on to found our museum in 1929. This exhibit showcases their history.

Military Exhibit

Military Exhibit

Our Military Exhibit displays artifacts from as early as the Revolutionary War all the way up to Operation Desert Storm.


Native American Pottery

Our Native American Pottery Exhibit was started by a donation from Louis Stephenson in 1930 and has steadily grown ever since. The display features Quapaw pottery, however, we have also had some southwestern Native American pottery added to it over the decades.

Thomas Edison

The Thomas Edison Exhibit features artifacts relating to the life and work of The Wizard of Menlo Park. Local citizen Aurelius Hornor was an employee of Edison’s for many years and helped to secure the items for the exhibit when the museum opened in 1930.


Phillips County Lumber Industry

At one point in the 1920’s, West Helena was considered a major contender for hardwood lumber capitol of the country. Dozens of major lumber companies lined the streets and produced wood for everything from barrel staves to woodie panels.


Local Businesses and Organizations

We have exhibits for many local businesses and churches, some of which almost older than the Library.



As early as 1856, there has been a scholastic presence in the city of Helena. We have smaller displays that feature the schools and the children who attended them.


Historical Toys

Our antique toy exhibit features children’s playthings like dolls, catchers mits, and even a rideable tow train.