Civil War 1861-1865:
The Battle of Helena

The Battle of Helena took place on July 4, 1863 as the Confederacy tried in vain to retake Helena from Union troops. They lost the battle, as well as 1,636 men.


Thomas Edison

The Helena Museum of Phillips County offers an impressive collection of Thomas Edison's works courtesy of the Charles Edison Fund.



American Indian

The Helena Museum is fortunate to house a wonderful collection of Native American artifacts, which includes spear points, chisels, hoe blades, axes, and more.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain, one of America's greatest humorists and writers, played an integral role in the founding of the Helena Library and Museum.


More to Discover




Fashion Ware

The Museum proudly exhibits a collection of hats, handmade purses, fans, and other unique fashion ware from the Victorian to the Jazz Age.

Fine Arts

From Staffordshire boxes collected by Mrs. Thomas Edison to stunning portraiture, the Fine Arts collection at the Museum is not to be missed.



Don't miss the 19th century Asian-inspired writing desk, as well as the the 1850s piano with mother of pearl keys!

Military Artifacts

Wartime memorabilia from the Spanish American War, both World Wars, and more await you on the second floor of the museum!


Miscellaneous Antiquities

The Helena Museum features an abundance of interesting objects collected and donated from around the world.

Photos/ Documents

The Museum houses an impressive collection of old newspaper clippings, public records, and more!